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As a Kudi Agent you can provide financial services in your community and make money while at it.

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Fintech Trends and Predictions for 2020

Jan 25 5 minutes read
The Nigerian fintech industry sprung up as a solution to the totally cash dependent system the country relied on. An industry that started by handli...

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We’re working to change the banking experience for all of us.

The first line of code was written that same year. Kudi has grown from just a chatbot that responds to your financial requests. We are a financial technology company providing financial services for all Africans.

We created a chatbot to help you send money and pay bills, but we didn’t stop there. We realised that many people can’t access financial services across Nigeria and we wanted to help. We dug further to the real problem and decided to create Kudi app for Agents.At Kudi, we are still asking those questions and working round the clock to answer them.

We hope that regardless of the transaction you are trying to perform, whether you’re stranded in the urban city setting or chilling with friends and want to pay bills or you reside in an extremely remote part of the continent in need of a banking experience, know that we see you and we’re building for you. We are today making financial services accessible and affordable particularly to the banked, underbanked and unbanked. We won’t stop asking the questions, and also continue to answer them.We’re working to change the banking experience for all of us.

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